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3RTechnology is an AI infrastructure provider specialising in the selection, assembly, and installation of graphics processing unit (GPU) computing capacity-based equipment for AI and machine learning.

Originally developed for the acceleration of computer graphics and image processing, now GPUs are successfully used for a wide range of applications that require intense workloads of computational power. Fully optimised AI platforms with GPU accelerators enable significantly more efficient AI operations, such as machine learning, deep learning, and others. Being an official partner of NVIDIA Enterprise in the Baltics, 3RTechnology can offer high performance computing (HPC) solutions based on state-of-the-art NVIDIA products which do not require any supporting data center-level technological resources.

The company also offers the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution aimed at companies that exercise a flexible work model and need the ability to provide their remote teams with high performance computing resources no matter the physical location. The service includes identification of user profiles and their segmentation, determination of the required resources and the selection of the optimal solution that encompasses the entire IT infrastructure, software, end-point devices and other components.

The 3RTechnology team consists of professionals with extensive experience in HPC systems architecture, infrastructure supply chain and installation. The team is working on helping companies to succeed in the field of AI by sharing the knowledge of HPC infrastructure and its application to specific needs.

3RTechnology aims to become the competence centre and the largest provider of GPU performance-based solutions in the Baltic States.

  • GPU and HPC platforms

    UAB 3RTechnology is an official partner of NVIDIA Enterpise in the Baltics, with the manufacturer's Compute DGX, Virtualization, Visualization specializations and certified systems engineers. UAB 3RTechnology specializes in the design, consulting and implementation of platforms for artificial intelligence (DI) and machine learning (ML). Specialization includes preparation of HPC (High-Performance computing) architecture, evaluation of potential computing cluster performance, selection and optimization of CPU and GPU resources using best practices and taking into account specific customer needs. The company's specialists have accumulated extensive experience and implemented complex projects for both Lithuanian and foreign clients. The proposed solutions can be both standard, implemented in the customer's data center, and provided as a service (as-a-service).

  • Virtual Workplace

    VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) allows customers to easily and efficiently implement a highly relevant hybrid work model from both the office and home. The service includes identification of user profiles, segmentation and determination of the required resources in the customer's environment, appropriate and optimal selection of the solution, covering the entire IT infrastructure, software, end-point devices and other components. We use GPU accelerators for the VDI service, so we find solutions even for customers who require the most graphics resources. The VDI service makes a significant contribution to enterprise data protection and provides greater control over the implementation of security and data retention policies in a hybrid work model. The offered VDI solutions can be both standard, implemented in the customer's data center, and provided as a service (as-a-service).

  • Technical / IT manager

    Service that includes maintenance, integration, modification of the company's IT services, initiation of critical decisions on the use and operation of IT services, planning of changes in funds, human resources and operations, communication with the customer and quality of service provision throughout the service.

  • Evaluation of disaster recovery solutions.

    We analyze strategy of the existing backup solution. We evaluate existing tools, scope, recovery plans, and recovery times. We identify risks, goals and requirements. We prepare recommendations for the development of backup solution and tools, considering the requirements for recovery. We prepare IT infrastructure recovery plans, test scenarios and solution documentation. If necessary, we organize and participate in the installation, development or restore processes as needed.

  • Consultations and equipment selection

    In cooperation with many large manufacturers, we help to find the right solutions, select the necessary hardware and software and take care of supply.



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